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LG-Life’s Good

Life's Good ;)

Life's Good 😉

I often find myself slipping into the introspection mode. One random thought hits me and I am left chewing the cud over it till I find satisfaction for my inquisitive soul.

The other day sitting with my class mates on the rickety benches of our college, one such question hit me and left me pondering for the rest of the day. I observed that none of the people around me seemed to be in a state of happiness, as a matter of fact nobody seemed to be even near it. We all are so full of complaints, desires and regrets that we are left cribbing forever. What could be the reason that despite living such comfortable lives, surrounded by luxuries in every form and even good relationships, there is always something that nags us and keeps us from being happy, or at least be contented. Is it a mere outlook or the fact that habitually we have tied our happiness to too many expectations? It is true that Man is constantly weaving dreams to reach the El Dorado. He never seems to be happy with what he has. He instead focuses his energies on the lack of things he desires. These desires unfortunately never end.

You look around and pore over this. There are those who fret because they don’t have the means for a decent living, there are others who have the means but not someone whom they can share their lives with. Then there are those who have both of these blessings but fret because they still can’t buy the car some MR Sharma owns or feel that their friend’s partner is more understanding than their own. My own friends seem to be lost in a quiet, under the carpet race of sporting the best car, branded accessories, hooking up the best girl/ guy in college for dates and then fretting over that the other chick their class mate could please was way cuter. There are others who think keep agonizing if they will get into a good post graduate college.

And be able to fish out a good package. They are worried about anything and everything right from their seemingly frizzy hair, their wardrobes, to a low score in assessments, break ups, peer pressure, weight gain, and parent’s expectations to their own endless ambitions. Before I find them confronting me, let me admit I myself find reasons as silly as inane fights and a baggage of guilt and regret to affect my sanity and rationality.

However I have begun to emerge from the maze that kept me from relishing happiness in its simplest forms. It was in the worst of situations, when I had lost all hope on myself and my dreams that I discovered, that happiness is just a state of mind. The reasons that kill it are that we plan too much, we have over the top desires and we expect too much from ourselves, our lives and people we love. Get up tomorrow and tell yourself that life comes with all the challenges and you are ready to face them with a smile. Tell yourself today, you are going to be a one man army with the sole mission of keeping happy. Life may hit you hard but you will be a fighter if you can steer with a grin, if not a smile.

Life’s good and believe me, there are no conditions applying to this fact.

May the force be with you !