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XY Chromosomes ( The Way They Are)

The Way guys are

The Way Guys Are

Warning:  The author has written the poem in a lighter vein. It really doesn’t bear resemblance to any guy living or dead. (ROFL). 

This one  is a narrative, from the guys’ point of view . Hope you like it , Do leave some comments 🙂 Keep visiting.


No way girl, you never ever get me right,
Leave me alone, or I will put up a fight.
I have my eyes glued to it; no I can’t miss the match,
On the couch like an octopus I sprawl, until the remote you snatch.

My feelings I can’t express, you know I can’t talk,
But it’s altogether different if I have to impress or stalk.
The only language I know is peppered with abuses,
Hey it’s innate in me, for that I make no excuses.
I don’t like to shop; I wear my lucky shirt thrice,
My socks stink, but I find the odour homely and nice.

You laugh so much; I can hardly manage a grin,
Emotions do overflow, just when the world cup India wins.
I’m always busy; I need to make money fast,
My career is important, distractions you only cast.
Laugh at my jokes, humour is God’s gift,
But dare u poke me; it will create an ego rift.
I didn’t mean to hurt; I have a tongue that slips,
Things that excite me are cars, gadgets and chicks.
Brands I adore, flea markets make me sick,
Chilled beer and hot chicken make me tick.

I’m working on my muscles, brains who will see?
5- Series I desire, but man! Petrol isn’t free.
I like to comment uninvited and make fun at your back,
In front of you, I am the material for a “good boy pack”.
You look nice; stop asking me again and again,
Sigh, since the new girl joined, you never looked the same.
You reach on time girl, the traffic for me never can cease,
No problem I forgot your birthday, tomorrow with a gift I will flatter and please.

That’s how we are; we are by default that way,
Dare u complain or change us, we say.
We are always right and ought to be treated like a king,
Hey but we still adore u girls
PS.. (no balance)..Can you give me a ring?