Monthly Archives: November 2012





She walks past you, ignoring your smile

To fly off to please a superior swarm

She derides other women with a vicious glance

Trots towards the men to work her charm


He strolls in the room in an air balloon

Throws on her a cloudy, lackluster glance

“oh damn, I’d have to tolerate her again”

Keeps an arm on her waist to add “woman you’re a star”


She waves the compliment with a proud smirk

Prays her dress conceals her belly fat

He cracks a joke, she splits in hilarity jerks

And feels that he’s a lame witted rat


Oh and see the pretense for the photography circus

Perfect masks to make this alliance last

Each with their own sense of purpose  

Each trying to mould in the cluster fast


They shout their opinions, but nobody’s listening

They display affections but nothing’s existing

They live in charade, a parade of hollow bling

Living lavish a fleeting moment that’s not subsisting


Dare you be yourself for you will perish

They will call you a slow ,un-cool fool and jeer

But I assure you’d be happier and cherish

The person you return to when you see the mirror.