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Sweet Nothings…..



I was sitting in the college mess, morbidly going through the mess food sans excitement or even hunger, my mind brooding endlessly over assignments and class test marks, typical reasons for headaches in student life. The constant chit-chat in the mess seemed distant and uninteresting until a single loud laugh echoed in the room, like the laughter of Ravana after abducting Rama’s beloved Sita. Unable to place the source of this hilarity that suddenly caught attention of every single person in the mess, heads turned around with curiosity until we spotted that gleeful face.

Meet, Luv Kumar. Our batchmate in SIMC. Before we know, there are involuntary smiles and giggles all over the table. Laughter soon catches up with everyone like common cold and we all break into grins, chuckles and guffaws with absolutely no reason. Simple, unadulterated and quintessential happiness. Inexpensive , yet so priceless.

Happiness is a matter of attitude. We spend a major chunk of our lives thinking that happiness is a function of circumstances, peers and success in terms of relationships and careers. However, when an involuntary smile hits you unexpected, one realizes that it’s those insignificant sweet nothings of life , that are non materialistic and yet priceless. So, Imperfect I ( or so I’d like to believe) along with Lovely Luv,  Crazy Shruti Fruti and another happiness freak from SIBM  decided to pen down a few of our favourite happy moments and form a happiness brigade.

Read through, relate to it and then let us know yours.

1) Happiness is the smell of rain and the sight of freshly bathed greenery.

2) Sipping tea in tiny plastic cups or kullads while watching the sun go down.

3) Happiness is meeting new people, travelling to new places and new countries. Happiness is when the travel is sponsored 😀

4) A whole day lazing with a good book at Crosswords is happiness.

5) Crazy Dancing with a friend who doesn’t give a hoot to who’s watching.

6) Happiness is when drunk friends walks over to utter the three magical words.

7) Happiness is comfort hug from your best friend when you are homesick.

8) Happiness is topping in the course without even opening the book !!

9) Running downhill while listening to good music is happiness.

10) Staring at the star studded sky from amphi theatre.

11) The feeling of true love  or something even remotely close to it.

12) an innocent, genuine smile is happiness

13) my best friend giving “champi” ( head massage) when i have a headache is happiness

14) I’m -here-for you smile, a thank-u hug and a go-nail-it pat.

15) riding a two wheeler with your hair flying all over is happiness

16) pretty feet with anklets

17)sharing tote-udd-gaye smile with classmates

18) Failing in a subject with the entire class

19)Doodling/ Painting is happiness

20) a hot cuppa coffee, a good book inside a warm fur blanket in winter is happiness

21) cuddling next to your beloved is happiness

22) playing candy crush during lectures

23) spending time with your pet dog

24) Fighting with siblings

25) the glint of pride in mummy papa’s eyes is happiness

26) Friends , long drives at 3 AM is happiness

27) Guitar, empty terrace and jamming session is happiness

28) Meeting someone new who makes you feel like the connect is ages old is happiness

29) Beach side shack with a nice sleep and the sea breeze singing lullaby is happiness

30) Meeting old friends after a long time

31) drunk dancing is happiness

32)  double seat cycle ride with Chuddy-buddy is happiness

33) Happiness is when your best friend sends you more I-love-yous than your boyfriend 😀

34) Happiness is an aimless conversation

35) Happiness is a full body spa (Ahaaaaaaaa)

36) Feel of a new dress , especially if its gifted is happiness

37) running around with a sense of purpose is happiness

38) meeting a person with the same opinion about a song/ movie/ book. Sometimes winning an argument if it isn’t so is even more happiness 😛

39) two people sharing a smile across a distance

40) eating and laughing with your favourite teacher is happiness

41) a movie that makes you cry is happiness.

42) Happiness is you loving my writing, happiness is me enjoying the process :*