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Girl in the Mirror


Girl in the Mirror

Girl in the Mirror

I look at her, staring at me from the mirror,
A familiar face, a familiar question
Her peering eyes, pierces through my soul,
No disguise can alter this confession

Is it me or another face in the crowd
Another girl next door trying to ape somebody
Why can’t I be me and simply ignore
Walking my own path, undeterred and carefree

I close my eyes, fighting back the fear
How lonely and dark being “yourself “can be
But the girl in the mirror holds her head up high
She is who I would like to be

Not another copy, and by no one’s dictates
A life lived by my own errs and beliefs
I might be wrong, I fall and I learn
Living without pleasing anyone is such a relief

I open my eyes, I know she will survive
And tread with me in all my lows and highs
She may falter, but never will she break
Being herself is all she will try to strive