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Monsoons Glee :D


Once again, the pristine blue sky transcends to a purplish-grey palette with smears of heavenly white and devilish black. The bright green of the freshly bathed trees paints the atmosphere in florid hues. Once again, the aroma of the wet mud fills the air as the land relishes succor from the sultry summer sun. The monsoon is here.

If this feast to the senses that this resplendent season gifts isn’t enough, go outdoors and inhale a breath of enthusiasm as young lads enjoy the weather to the fullest , playing as the rain Gods drench them from head to toe. There is no sound that can be compared to the pitter-patter of the rain drops on tin roofs. I capture and savor the moment by sitting beside a window with the good book as the rain lashes at the panes and the roofs sings its rustic tunes. And no, I don’t forget the steaming pakoras with a cup of “chai” without which the flavor of the season fails to appease the appetite.

I remember my school days. The bus used to drop me in the lane just next to my house but I used to make it sure to jump on every possible puddle on the road and walk at a snail’s pace so as to be completely drenched by the time I reach home. There is nothing more soothing then the feeling of the rain drops trickling down the skin as if the soul is being washed to drain away all the gloom of life. There was no care about falling sick. There couldn’t have been a better alibi from getting a day off from school. I remember praying and hoping there would be incessant rains so that the school compound gets flooded. The rain gods were never benevolent enough to grant that wish of mine.

If you haven’t had any monsoon tales so far, you have definitely deprived your life of a vibrant colour. Go steal some moments for that child in you. Heaven’s no, you don’t need that raincoat. For once in life, take no precautions and take a walk through the park as the rain drops dance around you to drench that control freak in you. Walk with your beloved, hand in hand, barefoot on the wet mud to leave imprints of a memory so immaculate. Play with your sibling, have a with tête-à-tête your parents or enjoy a good book. If your exams are round the corner, sing out loudly, hoarsely and croakily the famous song from 3 idiots “give me some sunshine, give me some rain”, with special emphasis on Sharman Joshi’s lines while studying! I bet your parents will beg you to take a break.

So go out, have fun. Enjoy the weather while it lasts. For once, let it wash the murkiness off your hectic lives. Happy monsoons

P.S.: In over hyped and overly enthusiastic state, I skid while walking on the wet road. Even though it hurt, all I did was laugh .For all those who doubt the healing power of rains, I don’t remember the last time I laughed so hysterically at myself!