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Butterfly fly away…

She could feel the cold summer wind raging mercilessly over the slope of the hilltop and sending a chill into the gaping hole in her chest. She clutched her blue colored stole nearer to her breasts, like a mother hugging her new born. In the early evening light, she walked slowly, trying hard to mingle with the unknown crowd around her. She peered into the eyes of all those smiling faces and wondered if it was only she who couldn’t fit in this atmosphere of gaiety and frolic. She fastened her pace and moved ahead of the swarm of happy faces.  It had been a week now since her arrival at Lavale and she was still homesick and still trying hard to untie her wings towards a life where her mother wouldn’t be there to hold her tiny finger and guide her.

 Lavale, Pune is one of the most serene places, a quiet hill top housing the Symbiosis campus. It rains ceaselessly from June to September and the placid sun is a moody guest. The lavish, self sustaining campus is situated literally in the lap of lush, green hills and one can find the peacocks dancing on hostel windows. The campus is around half an hour from the rush of the peppy Pune city. Coming from Chandigarh, the first planned city of India, to Shuili, Lavale was mystical.  Right from the orchestra of the insects that crooned after rains to the weather that could manage showers in Sun, to her it was like a dreamland. She had always been an ardent lover of nature, an admirer of wilderness and a lover of solitude which was a byproduct of her introspective personality. She had prayed and hoped that her college be in the most exquisite location, away from the buzz and chaos of city. And this life, you would say, was tailor made for her, like every shred of her dreams was woven into a beautiful reality.  

She walked in quick steps towards the amphitheatre, a winding road lined with trees and overlooking the expanse of subtle hills. Her thoughts were drawn to her mother, her father and every minute a silent flashback like a mute black and white film would agonize her heart and well up her eyes .. She glanced towards her left and her eyes fell upon a clearing on the side of the road. It was a beautifully manicured garden, with a helipad at the centre, circumscribed by greens and flowers splashing a plethora of colours. Something magnetic about the sight made her go through the opening even though it was covered by a barricade.

The view from the rear end of the garden was a spectacle. It was guarded by a railing as the land perched over the breathtaking panorama of the entire city, the blossoming green hills peppered with tiny matchbox like houses and city lights twinkling and dancing as if on a cue.  She stood there transfixed, unable to snatch her eyes away from the beauty that sprawled below her feet. It was then; her eyes fell on it….

It was the delicate movement in the leaves of a nearby bush that caught her eyes and they fell on a minuscule, green coloured cocoon. There was a sluggish movement, and the tip of the cocoon swayed. And as she stood there, her eyes glued to the tiny cocoon, an infinitesimal head emerged, struggled and fought with patience and persistence .Shuili could feel the creature’s struggle and its endless perseverance as the hour passed.  Her heart ached to free the being from cage as it was resisting so fanatically. But as the time passed, quietly, without a trace of haste, emerged a limp butterfly, slowly clearing its way to exit the cocoon, its wings painted in a multihued pattern, folded to its bodice, the colours yet dim, yet to bloom.

And as time passed, the butterfly kept meditating on the cocoon, as if the metamorphosis was a fight within, an effort to strengthen the soul from the core with its wings hanging down motionless, not a movement to hint at the tremendous revolution taking place within. It fluttered it’s wings, preparing them for its impending life and finally after an hour of rehearsal, spread them royally and managed a little hop, it’s first attempt to conquer the sky.

The moment imprinted on Shuili a lesson that no preaching could have imparted. She got up and her heart felt lighter. And as she watched the butterfly take wings towards the grey sky, the cocoon inside her broke, for after a long time  she had acknowledged the vibrant colours of life  and  accepted the struggle behind them. She made her way back to the hostel, leaving her qualms  behind in the broken cocoon , with a faint smile and a little  hop in her step.

And when she turned to look back at the butterfly, the butterfly merrily flew away ……