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Bombay Diary : Chapter 1






Photo Credits : Shanu  Babar

Photo Credits : Shanu Babar


The pigeons of Bombay are so fearless…..

The pandemonium of Mumbai pigeons

The pigeons of Bombay are fearless; they won’t flutter a single feather if you pass by. They are conditioned to this city, to people scurrying around, sometimes aimlessly, sometimes with an urgent purpose. As a lone woman traveller, it’s not easy to manoeuvre your way on the streets of one of the most crowded Metropolitan cities in India. The pulse of the city can be felt by travelling by the local trains in rush hour or steering your way through the densely inhabited streets which paint the ironic juxtaposition of the tallest corporate skyscrapers and impoverished, old cramped buildings or “Chawls” as my taxi driver would call them.

The Lower Parel area houses eminent corporate buildings, chaotic yet colourful “chawls” and provides sustenance to street side peddlers who sell everything from snacks to daily household items and peculiar garlands of green chillies and lemons to ward off evil.  After a long excursion on foot, I board the famous honeybee coloured Bombay cabs and we steer our way towards Bandra, Bandstand, the elite residential area which is famous for its party culture and is home to many Bollywood stars like the indisputable “King Khan”.  The taxi glides on the Bandra worli Sea link that bypasses 23 traffic signals in merely 8 minutes and when I gaze out the taxi window, the pleasant sea breeze plays with my raven coloured hair as the gigantic pylons frame the most mesmerizing sight any eyes can fathom. The waves crash loudly against the gigantic pillars and the sea gleams and reflects traffic headlights in the night merging into the breathtaking skyline of zenith smooching high rises twinkling in the dark. I get goosebumps and the awe inspiring beauty that flaunts the skyscrapers silently shoves the “Chawls” and the roadside peddlers, the lifelines of the city, the very memory of their existence in Mumbai to a dark underbelly.


Monsoons Glee :D


Once again, the pristine blue sky transcends to a purplish-grey palette with smears of heavenly white and devilish black. The bright green of the freshly bathed trees paints the atmosphere in florid hues. Once again, the aroma of the wet mud fills the air as the land relishes succor from the sultry summer sun. The monsoon is here.

If this feast to the senses that this resplendent season gifts isn’t enough, go outdoors and inhale a breath of enthusiasm as young lads enjoy the weather to the fullest , playing as the rain Gods drench them from head to toe. There is no sound that can be compared to the pitter-patter of the rain drops on tin roofs. I capture and savor the moment by sitting beside a window with the good book as the rain lashes at the panes and the roofs sings its rustic tunes. And no, I don’t forget the steaming pakoras with a cup of “chai” without which the flavor of the season fails to appease the appetite.

I remember my school days. The bus used to drop me in the lane just next to my house but I used to make it sure to jump on every possible puddle on the road and walk at a snail’s pace so as to be completely drenched by the time I reach home. There is nothing more soothing then the feeling of the rain drops trickling down the skin as if the soul is being washed to drain away all the gloom of life. There was no care about falling sick. There couldn’t have been a better alibi from getting a day off from school. I remember praying and hoping there would be incessant rains so that the school compound gets flooded. The rain gods were never benevolent enough to grant that wish of mine.

If you haven’t had any monsoon tales so far, you have definitely deprived your life of a vibrant colour. Go steal some moments for that child in you. Heaven’s no, you don’t need that raincoat. For once in life, take no precautions and take a walk through the park as the rain drops dance around you to drench that control freak in you. Walk with your beloved, hand in hand, barefoot on the wet mud to leave imprints of a memory so immaculate. Play with your sibling, have a with tête-à-tête your parents or enjoy a good book. If your exams are round the corner, sing out loudly, hoarsely and croakily the famous song from 3 idiots “give me some sunshine, give me some rain”, with special emphasis on Sharman Joshi’s lines while studying! I bet your parents will beg you to take a break.

So go out, have fun. Enjoy the weather while it lasts. For once, let it wash the murkiness off your hectic lives. Happy monsoons

P.S.: In over hyped and overly enthusiastic state, I skid while walking on the wet road. Even though it hurt, all I did was laugh .For all those who doubt the healing power of rains, I don’t remember the last time I laughed so hysterically at myself!

Promise of Life ;)


It started eagerly, dreams fuelling the passion

It moved relentlessly, undeterred, unpredictable

It slowed at the twists and lows to shed a tear or two

It fervently rejoiced every blessing and joy


It crept into crevices and imagined the end

It sprung out abruptly out of dark bends

It danced and reveled in bliss of satisfactions

It exulted for trying to achieve the aspirations


For its LIFE, and it manages to always move on

Gracefully, hastily, lazily, wearily, gaily it flows unabated

Lies beauty in its persistence to bear the unforeseen

Lies promise of life in its every act yet concealed…





LG-Life’s Good

Life's Good ;)

Life's Good 😉

I often find myself slipping into the introspection mode. One random thought hits me and I am left chewing the cud over it till I find satisfaction for my inquisitive soul.

The other day sitting with my class mates on the rickety benches of our college, one such question hit me and left me pondering for the rest of the day. I observed that none of the people around me seemed to be in a state of happiness, as a matter of fact nobody seemed to be even near it. We all are so full of complaints, desires and regrets that we are left cribbing forever. What could be the reason that despite living such comfortable lives, surrounded by luxuries in every form and even good relationships, there is always something that nags us and keeps us from being happy, or at least be contented. Is it a mere outlook or the fact that habitually we have tied our happiness to too many expectations? It is true that Man is constantly weaving dreams to reach the El Dorado. He never seems to be happy with what he has. He instead focuses his energies on the lack of things he desires. These desires unfortunately never end.

You look around and pore over this. There are those who fret because they don’t have the means for a decent living, there are others who have the means but not someone whom they can share their lives with. Then there are those who have both of these blessings but fret because they still can’t buy the car some MR Sharma owns or feel that their friend’s partner is more understanding than their own. My own friends seem to be lost in a quiet, under the carpet race of sporting the best car, branded accessories, hooking up the best girl/ guy in college for dates and then fretting over that the other chick their class mate could please was way cuter. There are others who think keep agonizing if they will get into a good post graduate college.

And be able to fish out a good package. They are worried about anything and everything right from their seemingly frizzy hair, their wardrobes, to a low score in assessments, break ups, peer pressure, weight gain, and parent’s expectations to their own endless ambitions. Before I find them confronting me, let me admit I myself find reasons as silly as inane fights and a baggage of guilt and regret to affect my sanity and rationality.

However I have begun to emerge from the maze that kept me from relishing happiness in its simplest forms. It was in the worst of situations, when I had lost all hope on myself and my dreams that I discovered, that happiness is just a state of mind. The reasons that kill it are that we plan too much, we have over the top desires and we expect too much from ourselves, our lives and people we love. Get up tomorrow and tell yourself that life comes with all the challenges and you are ready to face them with a smile. Tell yourself today, you are going to be a one man army with the sole mission of keeping happy. Life may hit you hard but you will be a fighter if you can steer with a grin, if not a smile.

Life’s good and believe me, there are no conditions applying to this fact.

May the force be with you !