Here without you …

So I came all the way from Chandigarh to Pune because I had this entire process of “Growing up” to do. Fresh out of college, I jumped into an MBA college, wore crisp formals every day, applied kajal to camouflage my sleepy eyes and walked around the campus pretending I knew business. Growing up seems to be such a cool thing to do! Rewind the timeline to a few months back and you will see how determined I was to leave my hometown. Never did it once occur to me to me that once this coolness quotient of mine evaporates like nail polish remover, I will miss u…and I missed you the very moment you left me behind.

 I stood there watching you go, my heart melting and wailing like that of that little kid Eshaan in TZP. But here I was taking baby steps into the world of adults and I didn’t really want to behave like a toddler on the first day of school.  So, like a weary soldier I braved the tears and made it to my room. Days dragged by and if the bathroom could, it would have been flooded with my outbursts by now. I missed you every time you didn’t wake me up and I bunked classes sleeping. I missed u every time I hated the mess food and had to gulp down a banana because there was nothing better to eat. I missed you when I badly needed a hug and nobody smelled as warm as you. When I was sick and nobody caressed my hair so that I could sleep. When nobody could read what I had left unsaid, when nobody scolded me for wearing shorts in cold evenings, when there was none to tell me whether I should buy the red or the orange dress. I miss arguing with you only to apologize and sway your anger with my puppy dog looks. So u guessed it right, I messed up things royally. Blissfully slept in my room through lectures, skipped breakfast, forgot to boil the milk until it turned sour, washed the black clothes with whites, splurged on clothes I will never wear, wore white slacks in muddled rains and ended up with a blocked ATM card. I realized how hopelessly clueless I’m without you. How no amount of time with you will ever be enough.

I try harder each day to learn and unlearn a few things. And everytime I pull off a small chore correctly, I miss that encouraging pat on my back. I guess even if I’m half as perfect as you, I’d be someone someday you will be proud of. But I solemnly swear I’m upto no good if you are not around to hold my hand.

I miss u mumma…




About Mediabaaz

I am a Marketing Communications professional who loves to play with words. When I run out of words, I sketch. When both fail me, I travel. Currently working as a Community Manager with a think tank +previously worked as a PR Executive. Opinions are my own. Feel free to demolish them.

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  1. I miss you dear as much and much more for all that u heard me and patiently bore me even at my worst.i love you for what u are and trust you for everything.may u have all that is righteous and best in life
    wid luv mom

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